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Congratulations to Roger for getting married – what is he doing for his honeymoon? I already mentioned it, but I think Roger has made a great choice and a huge accomplishment in marrying a doctor. Now he can slack off and play videogames for the rest of his life and still live comfortably. I saw […]

:::Note- If you haven’t already, please stop sending me mail of any kind since I won’t be here when it arrives. Thanks for your support::: How did North Korea make it into the World Cup? Most repressed people in that hermit-state can only eat every other day. Maybe the government gives their soccer players the […]

The new iPhone was unveiled on the 7th by Apple. It will be available later this month with black and white bodies, 16 and 32 GB models. The fact that you can record and edit HD video on a tiny phone is incredible. The screen resolution increase should be good for gaming, and also for […]

Subaru Shopping?

June 7th, 2010

The Subaru definitely looks like the best choice after doing more research. It’s less expensive than anything else I cound find with all of the key attributes I’m looking for (4-door, AWD, V6) and it has strong endorsements from key family members. It seems like retail prices for Subarus in our area run higher than […]

Perrotti your stance on MLB umpires is a common one, but we know that the umpires’ union would never allow its members to be fired for missing calls. The umpires are under enough pressure already, having been mandated to speed up games and dealing with everything else they’ve been dealing with. We need to help […]

First let’s talk about this blown call that cost Armando G. his perfect game. I only saw the still photograph of him with his foot on the bag, ball in glove, with the runner about a step away, but how could the umpire miss that, even in real time? Shouldn’t he have been paying extra-special-hyper-attention […]

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Everything that we need to ship home has to be loaded into the containers, with lots of documentation and paperwork done – and it’s been over 110 degrees with no clouds the past few days so whoever is working out there is miserable. They need to be […]

It is a very busy news day here at First, I would like to wish a very happy 69th anniversary to my grandparents. I don’t know of anyone else who has been married for close to that long, so it’s pretty amazing. Chicken Attack I’d like everyone to read my mother’s account of yesterday’s […]

Almost to 2,000 Comments

May 27th, 2010

We still haven’t reached comment number 2,000 yet, even with the quasi-spam tactics of Canz. But, we are very close and it will certainly be reached today. I also received spam comment number 1,000 very recently – there has been a surge in spam lately with sometimes up to 30 spam comments daily, which I […]

We’re approaching reader comment number 2,000, which is a major milestone for (not including spam comments). Since I never gave cousin Jen the autographed picture I promised to whoever made comment 1,000, I won’t even offer a prize for comment 2,000 – but we all know that the lucky writer of comment 2,000 will […]