Goodbye Middle East

Posted June 15th, 2010 by Rob

I will officially never set foot in Iraq again (unless something unforeseen happens). The two people I’m traveling with and I were very lucky to get routed directly to Kuwait from our base, without having to make the planned stop at another base in between. If we had made the planned stop it would have added a full day to our travel time. While we were in midair, the crew announced that due to weather in the intermediate city, we’d be flying directly to Kuwait. We were in an enormous Air Force plane and there were only about 10 people total. Anyway, with a little more luck I’ll be on my way back to the U.S. soon. I should be up on my phone for calls and texts within a couple days as long as AT&T turns on my service properly this time.

And yes today is the big day that I will officially become a “homeowner” or “condo-owner”. I’d like to thank my Mom who has been very helpful in taking care of everything having to do with the home purchase while I’ve been away. She says it’s fun to spend other people’s money.

It feels strange that the deployment is pretty much over for me. It hasn’t sunk in yet. I’ve had the same routine for so long that I just got very used to it, and it will be weird not having to check my two Iraq email accounts or go to my regular meetings. Time went by slowly at the beginning but definitely flew towards the end.

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  1. carigs


    I figured I should make a first post once before you return home.

    How long until we can play wiffleball?

  2. Jim

    Congrats Rob, on the condo and coming home. Slip and slide day is quickly approaching!

  3. father

    can i have a Kuwait Tee shirt?

  4. Anne

    Congratulations on becoming a home owner, and we’re looking forward to your return to TN. Safe journey!

  5. father

    I would like to note that it has been a great experience watching and reading Robert’s friends continually and happily there for him throughout his very long (very long to me and all of you I’m sure) term serving our country. He is very lucky to have such devoted and great friends.

  6. Mom

    I would like to confirm that Robert is now a proud home owner. The closing went fairly smoothly, the condo is in good order (very clean) and we have started to get things ready for Rob’s return.

    It is such a good feeling to know the 747 is on their way back soon!!!



  7. Judy

    Hi Rob.

    Well it is وداعا العراق for you! Now that you are on your way home this will be my last post. I want to say thank you for serving the USA and letting me be part of your blog. I pray that God will bless you in your new home and all that you do. What great family and friends you have, I can tell that life is always going to be loving, interesting and fun for you. Good luck in the 2010 Derby!!!!


  8. canz

    can’t wait til ur return brah

  9. Ryan Smith

    Yes it did go by pretty fast. I would really LOVE a souvenir from the Middle East. Like a sand globe, or a CD with Arabic music, or a small knickknack of some kind. C U L8r Dood

  10. Roger

    Sweet Rob. Now you, Malone, Perrotti, and Koho can come visit me and the wife out in Ohio and see what it’s like to live in a real city.

  11. Jim

    Did Ohio finally get downgraded to a city? About time.

    Rob, congrats on owning Aaron Heilman by the way.

  12. Richard Smith

    Hello Robert. I am very glad that you will be home soon or at least back in the U.S. I can’t write anymore because Ryan is yelling at me to hurry up because we are going to your condo to move stuff in.

    P.S. Great game last night, GO LAKERS!!!!!

  13. Roger

    One change I would like to propose for next season for the fantasy baseball league is to change the wins category to quality starts.

  14. Jim

    Roger, that’s actually an insteresting idea, but it will never fly for the keeper league. I was actually recently thinking that I’d like to try a league one year that only used categories that showed how good a player actually is, completely independent (or close to it) of their team. So we’d get rid of the win, save, rbi, and run categories. Then we could add categories like quality starts, walks (hitting and pitching), total bases, etc. That would mean the team who had truly the most talented players would win. Maybe next season for fun we try it.

  15. NON

    Hello Robert, I just spoke to Mom & the best news I’ve had in a long time you were on US soil, in Atlanta, I am so happy!!! Your condo is great, going to meet Mom lhere later, it is all ready for the furniture to move in now, I still can’t believe you are a homeowner, congrads & it will be wonderful to have you home!! Take care & Stay Safe,
    Love you lots, NONNIE

  16. Rob

    Yes I am now in Fort Dix after a lot of traveling. Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and now Fort Dix all in less than 2 days. I am going to need to catch up on sleep but I have plenty of work to do here before the rest of the unit arrives.

  17. Mom

    Yes!!!! you are almost home –

    and the condo seller left a four leaf clover for you!

    We are so happy you are back in the USA!!

    now let’s get the rest of the 747 back soon

  18. carigs

    Nice to have you back in the states Rob. You should consider the $15 mlb at bat app for the iphone so that you can listen to the Red Sox radio feed and ease back in to following them.

    Remember watching Lackey pitch well the Red Sox and being baffled at how he could shut them down with such mediocre stuff?

    Watching him pitch for the Sox, his stuff continues to look mediocre, except now hes not getting good results either, so it hasn’t been the best beginning to this long contract.

  19. Mom

    Hey Michael

    How is you Dad doing? Plese give him our best.

  20. Ryan Smith

    It actually appears to be a six leaf clovurrr.

  21. father

    Welcome back Robert!

    see you soon.

  22. Justin Prophet

    The Rob Smith,
    The 747th is falling apart without you. Al Anbar’s stability has declined significantly since your departure. Moreover, the Iraqi government needs you to decide the nation’s next Prime Minister. You must return.

  23. father

    Don’t return robert! I think it’s a trick.

    Hey everyone, is it REALLY unadvisable to lay a plasma screen
    horizontally (no pun intended, but i could;t think of another way to say it). Is that an urban myth or will we mess it up forever???


  24. Koho

    Rob, we are going to the Cadillac Ranch tonight. Perrotti and Malone are bringing their dancing shoes.

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