Fantasy Baseball 40% Season Summary

Posted June 20th, 2010 by Rob

First, on the U.S. soccer goal that was taken away – I think it’s unbelievable that a ref is able to make such a big call and not be required to tell the players, coaches, or media which player the foul was called against. To this day no one except him knows who committed the “foul”. Maybe it was a makeup call, as some are speculating, but it’s a pretty harsh one. Dempsey’s earlier goal was pretty amazing too – that cowering goalkeeper seemed frightened when Dempsey shot it right over him.

Anyway, we’re a little over 40% through the fantasy baseball season, so I figured everyone would love to read a season synopsis for my team thus far. Overall the team has performed well, consistently in the pack in the top half of the standings usually between 4th and 2nd, but also occasionally occupying 1st place.

Offense: I’m really happy with how my team has performed on offense, I am kind of surprised at some of my point totals. This mostly has to do with Alex Rios, who I initially regretted drafting but is now on Yahoo’s “can’t drop” list and is the 6th overall ranked player. Miguel Cabrera has been a monster, ranked 3rd. David Wright has been a solid yet sometimes frustrating contributor, but still ranks 16th overall. Me trading Morneau plus 4 draft rounds for him is looking shaky right now but should still work in the long term. It’s not all good news though. Joe Mauer apparently used all his power in 2009 and Jose Reyes has basically performed as a poor man’s version of himself from a few years ago. The back end of my offense with players like Hunter Pence, Michael Bourn, and Alfonso Soriano has done the job but often leave me wanting more. If Nelson Cruz is able to overcome his leg injuries it would be a big boost- he always performs great when healthy. I’m also going with Martin Prado (31st ranked player!) over Placido Polanco from now on, a decent upgrade. Mike Stanton is a long term investment, and any production from him this season is a bonus.

Keeper Candidates: Locks: Cabrera, Wright Possible: Stanton, Rios Less Possible: Mauer, Reyes, Cruz, Prado.

Pitching: The pitching has been pretty disappointing, but has its moments and can definitely improve. Wins, ERA, and WHIP began terribly just like last season, but are slowly improving, and I am actually poised to pick up a decent amount of points in these categories as long as the law of averages continues to apply. Firstly, relief pitching has been very strong with my 4 closers led by the surprising but fading Matt Capps. Brian Fuentes has been shaky and I used to carry his understudy Rodney. Carlos Marmol and Brian Wilson have been everything I expected them to be. Capps may not hold onto the job so I might have to find other options to keep my edge over Perrotti in this category.

As for the starters: my top pick Josh Beckett has been an injury disaster, who I am optimistic can salvage the second half of his season. Felix Hernandez has pitched well but not up to expectations, and Javier Vazquez had a horrific start but is rounding into form. My second tier of guys has been mixed. Jonathan Sanchez might be my best pick of the draft, but Joel Piniero and AJ Burnett have been solid but uninspiring. After these guys, I’ve used a collection of supporting guys to round out the staff but no one has emerged as a star from that group. The Brandon Webb long shot has not paid off yet. I still think the pitching will improve enough to get me into position to win the league, in the 70-point overall range.

Keeper Candidates: Lock: Hernandez. Possible (likely only 1): Sanchez, Beckett.

In conclusion – the team has everything it needs to win the league despite a draft that I don’t think was that great. Last season, my team had no power so it had a definite ceiling it couldn’t exceed, but still performed well enough to get second place. This year’s team has no glaring deficiencies and much room to improve, especially in pitching. It should finish very high in the standings. Malone’s team is terrible.

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  1. canz


  2. Jim

    Donovan scored the first goal, not Dempsey. But yeah it was sick. I’m too unhappy about that ref to talk about the disallowed goal.

    I skipped your FB synopsis since I don’t have time, I’ll read it later.

  3. Justin Prophet

    Please stop discussing fantasy baseball. People want to read about your adventures as the XO Face of the 747th Military Police Company.

  4. NON

    Hello Robert,
    Great talking to you & of course you know we are all happy you are now stateside.
    You must know by now that Cosmo got sprayed by a skunk, he was quite docile while being washed, he knew something happened but I don’t think he understood it!
    You Take Care & Stay Safe,
    Love You Lots, NONNIE

  5. father

    Hi Lt. Smith
    Bumpa played golf with #2, #3 and I yesterday (sunday). It was the firt time he golfed since his fall last summer. he and I vs. richy and ryan. we tied.

    I hope you someday develop a golf interest. Not only because your derby must get less physically demanding as you age, but also you guys have to take me golfing when I am 90, ok?

  6. Jim

    To appease Mr. Prophet, here is some more Fantasy Baseball talk:

    My team is pretty terrible, but the good news is I’m above 3 other players including Roger and not far from 5th place. My drafting has been my achilles heel it seems. I find some great steals, but also tend to get a bunch of busts. Of the 18 guys I drafted, I’ve already dropped 8 of them. I expect some turnover, but that much is probably not a good sign.

    My offense has been unforeseeably bad. My un-matched trio of Hanley Ramirez, A-Rod and Chase Utley have an average ranking of 92 currently. But the good news is that unless they are hiding serious injuries, all 3 will improve immensely over the rest of the season. Matt Wieters has been a large bust, but now that I have Carlos Santana I feel a lot better. He’s started out smoking hot. At 1B, I lost an elite hitter in Kendry Morales, so that forced me to make some moves that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I have Justin Smoak there now, who started the season terribly, but is now finally starting to pay dividends for me keeping him. I think he could have a great 2nd half. Same with Gordon Beckham. My outfield has been my strong drafting spot, with Jason Heyward, Car-Go and Rajai Davis all doing as expected or better. I’m especially happy with Gonzalez who is becoming one of the best 5 tool players in fantasy. My trade for Podsednik/K-Rod is favoring Carigs so far, but if Pods gets his average back up I still think it’s pretty even since K-Rod is an elite closer.

    As for my pitching, my starters have been surprisingly good. Picking up Andy Pettitte pre-season has turned out to be my best move. I’m getting strong performances from Hanson, Liriano, Pelfrey and Kershaw that I had hoped for. Even my fill-ins CJ Wilson and Jonathan Niese are putting up very serviceable numbers. It’s my closers that are hurting me. Trevor Hoffman was cursed by Perrotti. Besides Rafael Soriano and K-Rod I’ve had to scramble to collect saves, and that’s hurt my ratio categories a little. I’m still in the middle of the pack in saves so I’m not exactly worried.

    I just hope Carlos Beltran can contribute when he finally gets back and I’m not expecting much from Chapman or Volquez but they could surprise. It will be very tough for me to win this year, but the good news is that Perrotti isn’t running away with it this season so everyone still has a chance. I guess he’s gotten worse since it can’t be that his drafting was unluckier than last season. If no luck was involved he should win by 30 points every season right?

    Keeper Candidates – Hitting:
    Locks: Hanley, A-Rod, Utley, Heyward
    Outsiders: Car-Go, Santana, Morales, Beltran

    Keeper Candidates – Pitching:
    Probable: Hanson, Kershaw
    Possible: Liriano, Pelfrey

  7. carigs

    So, whats everyone’s least favorite thing about interleague play?

    Normally, I would say that the worst thing about interleague is how it unfairly unbalances division schedules for the sake of a gimmick that has runs its course, however the Sox seem to clean up in interleague, no matter who they play, so that part doesn’t bother me too much anymore.

    Today, my least favorite thing about interleague is how it creates these summer days nearly empty of baseball games and therefore empty of sports that I follow.

    And, since I think everyone is asking for more fantasy baseball talk.

    My team has done very well since the pivotal acquisition of one Manuel Corpas, staying consistently in the top tier of teams. However, my keeper players’ performances have been mediocre.

    At this point my only definite keepers on offense are Fielder and Kemp. Sandoval, Upton or Quentin would have to have big second halves for me to keep them. Andrus has slumped lately, but if he gets going again and ends up as a .300 hitting, 40 steal shortstop, he could be a viable keeper. Or, if Beltre continues on his monstrous pace and is re-signed by the Red Sox next season, he may worthwhile, but he’s someone I’d be wary of.

    As for pitchers, Cain and Lee look like locks for keepers, and if Buchholz keeps this up all year I may have to keep him instead of a hitter.

  8. Aunt Penny

    Somehow, I don’t think Justin Prophet has been appeased.

    Rob, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Aunt Penny

  9. Jim

    I actually enjoy the interleague games. My biggest beef would be the unbalanced schedule that Carigs alluded to. The Mets have to face the best team in the AL every season for 6 games and no other NL teams have to do that. Who knows, if the Phillies faced the Yankees for 6 games instead of the Mets in ’07 & ’08, maybe there wouldn’t have been any collapse at the end of the season because they’d have a bigger cushion. That being said, I enjoy every one of those games so it doesn’t bother me that much. Ideally it would be nice for every team to play every other team in MLB every season so that the fans got to see all of the players. That would cut their in-division and in-league game counts considerably, but the schedules would be a lot more balanced.

  10. Rob

    I am generally pro-interleague play. All other sports have it. The only awkwardness in baseball is of course the lineup/substitution differences, which to me is an interesting twist. If it went away I wouldn’t complain, but it’s interesting to play new teams.

    I also agree with Malone’s point about the unbalanced schedule, though I don’t think 6 games a season in one of the most unpredictable sports is a huge deal. I don’t like the “play every team in baseball” proposal.

    Why would anyone see a movie with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz?

  11. father

    i would like to see a movie with tom and cameron if I can sit next to cameron.

  12. t-man

    Hey rob-

    I am very glad that your back in the Garden State(New Jersey). Non told me a few days ago. We all spread the news. School is over now. My last day was the 16th. Feels good to sleep late but i get kinda board. Baseball is almost over for me. We are in the tourney now. Our record is 9/4. But i have to say, I am lucky to be with such a good team. Cant wait for you to get home! We can play wiffle ball and play with cosmo the dog. Ill cya soon zyphcuz.


  13. Ryan Smith

    Hi Robert. I got my first birdie on a par 4 on Sunday. I drove the green. I also tied Richard with my handicap. In fact, I did so good next time we go they say I don’t get a handicap.

    There should be a Longest Drive Contest in the derby.

  14. Jim P

    I have no problems with Interleague play. It’s nice to see some different teams once in a while.

    Malone, if you want some saves propose me an offer. Maybe one year we can actually trade together. All I seem to get are trades from Zak.

    Instead of the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie go see Toy Story 3. That definitely would be more enjoyable.

  15. carigs

    Tonight, Jerry Remy asked Don Orsillo how many feet were in a mile. Neither of them knew the answer, I was pretty disappointed in both of them.

  16. carigs

    Also, as of right now, the Sox are tied for the most wins in the majors, but are 3rd in their own division, that can’t happen often.

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