U.S. vs. Algeria

Posted June 23rd, 2010 by Rob

So we’ve been pretty busy over the last few days. Getting an entire National Guard unit transferred from active-duty status back to National Guard status is very complicated. There is lots of paperwork having to do with accrued leave, finance, then other tasks having to do with logistics, travel arrangements, etc. Some tasks need to be repeated 170 times because that’s how many soldiers there are. I already went through some of my medical screening and stuff so once the rest of the unit arrives I should be able to continue working on the “checklist” that we need to get out of here. All in all, however, it’s still better than going through Fort Dix the first time because we aren’t here for as long, the process is a little simpler, and we have going home to look forward to instead of going to Iraq for a year.

The U.S. soccer team plays in a little while – I’m going to try to watch as much of the game as possible but we’ll be working so it might be tough. Hopefully they can score an early goal and cruise through the game. If the game is tied late it could get very nerve-racking. The tiebreaker scenarios are friendly to the U.S. but things could still go wrong if they tie or especially if they lose. The U.S. has never gotten a point (either a tie or win) in the third game of group play in the World Cup. Their opponent Algeria must score goals to have a chance to advance so the U.S. should have plenty of scoring opportunities on the counterattack.

Even though the AL East is so unbalanced relative to the rest of baseball, I certainly don’t see Bud Selig moving to change the divisions or playoff formula around. We’ll need to wait for a more progressive commissioner for any changes. But it’s more complicated than that. Baseball wants its playoffs and World Series to have good TV ratings, and one way to do this is to have east-west series. Any changes to the playoff formula to potentially include all three good AL East teams would hurt teams from other TV markets. So, its certainly an interesting situation that isn’t present in any other sports, but as we’ve learned in other recent cases, baseball just isn’t like other sports in many ways.

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  1. Mom


    Glad things are moving along.

    Won’t be long and we can welcome the entire 747 home!!!

  2. father

    US WINS 1-0.

  3. Jim

    Sick game by the US. It seemed almost certain they weren’t destined to win with the reversed call, the missed opporunities and the fact that England won their game. They definitely deserved to advance though because they showed they were one of the top 2 teams in their bracket, if not the top team. It’s nice that they did get the top spot though since now they face the 2nd place team in the group of Germany, Australia, Serbia, and Ghana. Unless Germany comes in 2nd, they should be able to beat all of those teams.

    If only soccer with this exciting more than once every 4 years.

  4. Roger

    Too bad we have to face Ghana who beat us in the last World Cup. I hope we can beat them and advance. I’d also like to have a forward score a goal and not have the US get screwed out of a goal.

  5. father

    69-68 in the 5th set at thurs, 11:45 EST.

  6. father

    excuse, EDT

  7. Roger

    Also, it is the first time that both final teams in the previous world cup did not advance out of the group stage as Italy joined France in getting eliminated today.

  8. father

    crossword puzzle – usa today – three letter work for “fox’s prey”. correct answer – HEN.

  9. Jim

    Can anyone confirm or deny that there is a party (that friends are invited to) in Hebron on July 17th?

  10. Mom

    Yes, I can confirm that. BIG PARTY IN HEBRON JULY 17
    Friends, family, loyal http://www.therobsmith.com blog readers
    are all invited to attend. More details will follow.

  11. Ryan

    Hi Robert. Your TV does look small against the wall but only becuase the wall is so big. You should put a polyptych of the four panels entitled Visions of the Hereafter on the wall behind the TV to enhance the spacial perception of the marvelous room.

  12. carigs

    Remy is in rare form for this Colorado series, aside from repeatedly talking about taking a rickshaw ride back to the hotel, he has named the Rockies right fielder Brad Harp, and their first basemen, Tard Helton.

  13. father

    What did you say Ryan?

  14. Jim

    Looks like Stanley Robinson was drafted by Orlando with the 2nd to last pick in the 2nd round (59th overall). I think that’s probably about where he should have gone. It will be interesting to see what type of player he becomes, but I wouldn’t expect a lot.

  15. carigs

    Back in January/February I expected that Robinson would have a nice little NCAA tourney run in him with a few 20 point games and a couple highlight dunks and that that would land him in the late first round.

    I thought Dyson could do something similar and get drafted in the second round. Instead the team collapsed down the stretch, and an NBA career looks very doubtful for either of them. Those two had a fair amount of talent, its a shame that they went out like that.

  16. Rob

    It should be noted that I predicted North Korea would be outscored 12-0 in their 3 world cup games – they were in fact outscored 12-1.

  17. Jim


  18. Roger

    So, the US lost a horrible game today and are now out of the world cup. I don’t know why Ricardo Clark started. He played horribe in the England game and cost us the goal, then he cost us the 1st goal in the Ghana game. Obviously Bradley should have stuck with the lineup that won the Algeria game but he didn’t. I’m not sure how much blame should go to Bob Bradley on this? There are a bunch of people that want him gone and to have a more established coach come in and take over, but I really like Bob Bradley. I thought he did a great job with what he had. We don’t have a lot of good defenders, and that was proven in this world cup, but we do have a lot of good middies and forwards, and a lot of them are young and should still be back. Landon is 28, Clint Dempsey is 27, Robbie Findley is 24, so is Edu. People forget about Freddie Adu, he’s only 20 and hopefully he can marture and be ready for the next one. Altidore is only 20 also. We should have a really great team at the next world cup, if we can only find a defense.

  19. Rob

    Nice commentary Roger. I was able to watch the whole game today. I wasn’t aware there was much of a push to fire Bradley – I’ve only heard praise for him thus far, though the lineup decision and substitution 30 minutes in was not good.

    I don’t have reliable Internet access right now for writing full posts (this is from my phone). I’ll try to get online and make a post soon but I can’t be sure when.

  20. Aunt Penny

    Rob – it’s good to hear from you, in any mode. Hope all is going according to plan.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Aunt Penny

  21. Mom


    We are so glad you are back on US soil and we
    are so proud of you all.

    Can’t wait to see you.

  22. father

    Wecome back men. And thank you.

  23. carigs

    So the Red Sox are falling to pieces, but still managing to win games. They’ve lost Pedroia for probably 2 months, Victor has a broken bone in his thumb, Buccholz hurt himself running the bases, (hooray interleague play) only pitched 1 inning in his last start, and will be out for about 9 days with a hamstring injury. Ellsbury continues to be out indefinitely with his broken ribs, Hermida is still recovering from his broken ribs, though he should be back before Ellsbury somehow. Cameron finally looks like he’s mostly recovered from his sports hernia, though he’s still not able to play every day. Beckett is finally getting on track after his back injury and should return around late July. Also, their top 2 catchers in AAA are on the DL.

    Despite all this, they are tied for the 2nd most wins in baseball, leading the Wild Card, and 2 games back from the Yankees. So its been quite an eventful half season that you’ve missed Rob, hopefully you’ll get to see them tear apart the league in the second half as their injured players begin to rejoin the team.

  24. Rich

    Hey Rob
    Welcome back. I know you say you didn’t have much in the way of internet but you may want to check out Steam this week. A lot of stuff is on sale, I got Civ4 with all the addons for $10.

    And Carigs, don’t forget J.D. Drew. While he is back now, he will no doubt he injured a half dozen times before the end.

  25. Jim

    Rob, I’ve had a discussion with Perrotti and Carigs about possible league member changes for next year’s keeper league. There are 2 guys that I would like to replace:

    1. Licata – he drafts terribly, if at all, and stops paying attention to his team before June even hits. It’s ruining our competitive balance throughout the league.
    2. John (Licata’s Friend) – He’s definitely better at drafting (never in person though) and paying attention, but he’s getting on my nerves with paying the league dues. This is the 3rd straight year that I’ve had to hound him into July to send me the money, and I still don’t have it. If he doesn’t give it to me by the time the season’s over, you guys will yell at me for not having all the money. I’m not a bounty hunter or debt collector, so I’d think one or two reminders should be all someone would need, and is all I’m really willing to do.

    So, Perrotti and Carigs agree with me that we should probably replace one or both of them for next season. I have several ideas for replacements (Bagley can come back, Andrew, or Tom), but that can be decided later. What are your feelings on this?

    There are several options for an expansion draft we can do if we get new owners, but I’m thinking it will probably be very similar to what we did for Jason and Carigs. We’d protect some (or all) of our keepers and put the rest in a pool for the new owners to draft from. No one should have to deal with taking over Licata’s team, haha.

  26. Ryan

    Hey Blog Readers, Does anybody know how to get surround sound from cable and PS3 with an HDMI to the TV from the PS3 and Cable box. and a optical audio cable from the TV to the audio reciever? Do I have to adjust the audio reciver to somehow to beable to play the center and rear speakers suround sound from the cable, the PS3 works fine. I have read about the some audio recievers having something called Pro Logic which artificialy creates center and rear chanles when there are none. Sorry about the spelling in this blog comment, this IE doesn’t have spell check.

  27. Roger

    Ryan – If I was at your place I could probably fix it(at least I remember how to do some stuff from doing tech support at dish network). I would check the setting on the ps3. Is the optical audio cable going from the tv to the audio receiver coming from the audio out on the tv? You could try using your standard RCA cable(has the red, white & yellow cable heads) and see if that helps.

  28. carigs


    If I’m reading that correctly, you have both the PS3, and the Cable box running to the TV, then the audio cable from the TV to the receiver.

    The surround sound from the PS3 is working correctly, but not from the cable box?

    If thats the case I would check the surround sound settings and the cable box and make sure that its outputting surround sound correctly.

  29. Jim

    Call the Geek Squad

  30. father

    the ps3/cox/cable delemna:
    I have a feeling that the receiver only has one INPUT. Although it can be either optical digital or HDMI. I am thinking i need some sort of optical digital “switch box” (if you will) which would allow either/or with a switch. the cable input AND the ps3 would have to plug into a switchable devise.

    But i don’t know for sure, i am just a windows 3.1 and DOS 3.0 kind of guy.
    Does this seem like it could be the problem, all you REAL geeks out there?

  31. father

    Robert, will you have a heads up on when (time-wise) your bus leaves for home?

    love dad.

  32. Roger

    Yeah, if your receiver only has one input for surround sound you might be screwed. The switch box would probably work.

  33. father

    if one exists. Have they invented such a box yet?

  34. father

    but it definately has two PHYSICAL inputs (HDMI and OPTICAL), but i am not sure if it has two “selectable” inputs. Man, setting up this stuff now-a-days is tough, or nebulous at best. I am a tube amp guy. BIG connectors with only one choice. Ryan does have a knack for it though, but we seem stuck.

  35. father

    i am try to search for it and i found some, but i am plaqued by the REDIRECT VIRUS and can’t get to the page. Damn.

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