Big Party July 17th in Hebron

Posted June 29th, 2010 by Rob

Remember that my family will be throwing me a big party in Hebron on July 17th, beginning at 2pm. Everyone from TicketNetwork, all friends, and readers are invited. I think I will also be making an appearance at some other area parties in the days and weeks after I arrive home on July 2nd. I need to ease into the summer-party scene in order to regain my partying and drinking skills, kind of like how Tiger Woods resumed his golf career after taking some time off.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write, but the internet in the barracks is finally working. Plenty has happened since I last posted. First, of course the entire unit is on the ground at Fort Dix now and we’re well on our way through the various tasks we need to complete to get out of here. Some soldiers with medical problems might have to stay here for a little while but almost everyone will be leaving soon. I’m excited to move into my new condo which is all ready for me. It is a true bachelor pad. The second bedroom will have a futon for any friends or brothers who end up staying over.

The U.S. soccer team is out of the World Cup, and Roger provided some good coverage of that in our last thread. I think they played a really good tournament, but of course the whole tournament (U.S. and everyone else) will be overshadowed by the numerous officiating blunders. Goals were awarded that shouldn’t have been, and goals weren’t awarded that should have been. Instant replay could be easy to institute in soccer, the referees already have wireless microphones and earpieces – just give another one to the fourth referee along with a TV set. I also think Americans hate the theatrics, diving, and time-wasting of soccer but I don’t really mind these things even though they’re annoying at times.

In a not-so-surprising development at home, Cosmo the dog has managed to get sprayed by a skunk twice in the past week. According to my brother, Cosmo doesn’t like being hosed down, but does like tomato juice baths very much. He has a very interesting life. Also Ryan, I’m glad you are using for your technical support question – this is actually a very good place to get tech support on any number of topics, we have a lot of subject-matter experts here on everything from satellite TV to Microsoft .net Framework to SQL Query to C# to the Exchange Manager.

In a surprising development, I bought an iPad. I bought the base WiFi only model, and plan on keeping it in my living room on my coffee table to be my casual-use computer. It will be a lot more visually friendly than having a laptop in the room and power cords running across the floor. I tried out the iPad and loved it. It seems like it would be a lot easier to write lengthy documents on the iPad’s larger virtual keyboard than on the iPhone.

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  1. tman


  2. Mom

    If the i-pad becomes missing I had nothing to do with it.))))

  3. carigs

    So here’s some apps I’d recommend for your iPad Rob:

    Atomic Web: A much better browser than Safari, with true tabbed browsing, and a nice full screen option.

    Civ Rev: This is a decent interpretation of the Civilization series for the ipad, though its not nearly as deep as Civ4. I’ve never played Civilation Revolutions on other systems, but I’d guess that its pretty similar to that.

    GT Racing: It looks and plays a lot like the Gran Turismo games for Playstation, except you steer by turning your ipad, its pretty nice for a few bucks on basically a handheld device.

    Qvik Sketch: It’s a drawing app that automatically adds artistic effects for you, not a bad timewaster.

    Dungeon Hunter HD: A Diablo clone, I’m pretty impressed by how well the touch joystick works.

    JamPad: A music making app with guitar, drums, keyboard, piano, and electric guitar that you can control simultaneously. I’m not sure if you can make anything that actually sounds good, but that may be because I lack musical talent.

  4. father

    remember Rob, I will be over Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from now on to use your washer-dryer. So you still have 4 days left for other company.

  5. Jim P


  6. canz

    “It seems like it would be a lot easier to write lengthy documents on the iPad’s larger virtual keyboard than on the iPhone.”

    i knew you were a 13 year old japanese girl!

  7. Roger

    This is the 1st time writing from my Droid. It’s pretty cool.

  8. Rob

    Wow – Verizon gets the iPhone in January 2011

  9. Roger

    And a 4G Network. Sweet!

  10. Jim

    Can someone please explain 3G and 4G? Does it make any difference? The Edge network works just as well if not better than my 3G network.

  11. carigs

    They don’t mean much Jim. 3G = 3rd Generation, 4G = 4th generation.

    AT&Ts Edge network is almost as fast as Verizon’s 3G network, and AT&Ts 3G is significantly faster than Verizon’s.

    It’d be nice if they used actual measurable speeds instead, but all we get are these silly marketing terms.

  12. Jim

    Haha nice. So Sprint’s whole marketing campaign about having the “first ever 4G network” is just a gimmick that relies on everyone’s ignorance? It’s just a 4th generation network? I pretty much assumed that, but never cared enough to look it up.

  13. Non

    Hi Robert, Well it is almost here the day of your return, which is the best thing ever!
    As to your newest purchase, I think it is good for the older generation as it is easier to see & use, so maybe you will have lots of company.
    See you soon.
    Take care & as always stay safe.
    Love You Lots,NONNIE

  14. Roger

    But aren’t the speeds faster between when you go from 3g to 4g?

  15. Richard Smith

    Hi Bro, you will be home Friday!!! Today at camp Hebron we went to a New Britian Rockcats game where they beat the Trenton Thunder (yankees) 3-1. The Rockcats have a shortstop who is 5’3” and is a very good player, he made some sweet plays even though he is so little. C ya Friday!!

  16. Aunt Penny

    Rob – travel safely.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Aunt Penny

  17. carigs

    I turned on Sportscenter and they had a reporter at the end of Lebron James’ driveway talking about how many cars were driving by and what the pedestrians were doing. I really hope he signs as fast as possible. Also I don’t know why I continue to watch sportscenter and expect good things.

    Yea, 4G should be significantly faster than 3G, however, I guess Sprints 4G network isn’t “actual” 4G and isn’t a whole lot faster than available 3G networks.

    Also, have you not responded to my trade offer because you’re mulling it over, or because you want me to stop spamming you with trade offers?

  18. Jim

    Rob/Roger, any thoughts on my comment in the last post about replacing Licata & John?

  19. father

    Have a happy last night in New Jersey, Robert – AND ALL OF THE 747th, TOO.

    See y’all tomorrow.

    love father.

  20. Rob

    I agree Malone, let’s expel them – come up with 3 ways to do the expansion draft then the remaining owners will vote on which way they want to do it.

  21. carigs

    So its just getting comical for the Red Sox now. Varitek also apparently has a broken foot and will miss 4-6 weeks, so the Sox traded for Kevin Cash tonight.

    That means the top 4 catchers on the depth chart are all on the DL. The Sox also had their top 4 OF unavailable a few weeks ago.

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