The End of the Deployment

Posted July 1st, 2010 by Rob

Tonight is the last night of the deployment. All we have left is turning in our barracks and the van Fort Dix let us use, then a bus ride back to western Massachusetts through a lot of traffic. We will have police escorts through Connecticut and Massachusetts so that part of the trip should go quickly. Tomorrow might be hectic when we get back to the armory, after the ceremony, as everyone scrambles to say their goodbyes, meet their families, get their bags, and get to their cars. It’s weird to think that tomorrow night I’ll be sleeping in my new place for the first time.

Today we finished up our processing, and got all the important documents that list all of our awards and our time served, etc. I ended up getting a Bronze Star for the deployment which I am pretty proud of. Then we all got some automatic awards just for deploying to Iraq. Anyway, It’s a strange feeling knowing that it’s over. It definitely went by quickly, almost like a whirlwind when you consider all the different stops and moves we made, but some days, weeks, or months seemed to go by very slow at the time. Everyone has made a lot of friends within the unit, or got to know the friends they already had even better. Once we get back, a lot of people will be transferring out of the unit or retiring. It will be a little weird not being around the same people I’ve been around 24 hours a day for an entire year anymore. It’s not the same feeling as graduating college but that’s probably the closest thing that some of my readers could relate to.

It seems like activity is picking up in the fantasy baseball league. There have been a lot of injuries lately, causing pickups at scarce positions. On top of that, with the season about halfway over lots of owners are trying to improve their teams so trade activity is picking up. My team is well positioned and can win the league with its current roster. Because of this, I’ve said no to some pretty tempting trade offers recently. As I said Malone, I support ousting those two owners – come up with some courses of action for the expansion draft.

Looking back, the past year wasn’t difficult at all, but I’m definitely looking forward to being home, seeing my family and friends, moving into my new place, getting to relax, and then getting back to work. It should be a fun summer. I might take a little break from posting, I’m not sure. In any event, thanks for reading and for your support

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  1. Michelle Kiwi

    See you soon. :)

  2. canz

    congrats on the star. we’re excited to see u robbie

  3. Jim

    Yeah congrats on the bronze star Rob. I think you should put that up as the trophy for winning the derby. We’re a lock to win so you wouldn’t risk losing it.

    Have fun at your new place. I’m going to have to check it out soon. Can I sleep in your temperpedic?

    I’ll come up with some options for replacing those 2 owners. We also have to decide when/how to break it to them.

    Carigs, if the Sox need some catching help, they should look to the Mets. They have quite a collection. They have 3 on the roster right now (Barajas, Blanco, Thole) and Omir Santos waiting to be called up.

  4. carigs

    Maybe I shouldn’t have mocked the Mets and their catcher hoarding strategies so much during the offseason, they’re in position to make it pay off now.

  5. father

    I knew that if anyone were to get a star, Robert, you would be one of them. I can’t imagine you doing anything but an excellent job at whatever you are assigned to do.

    congratulations Son,
    love dad.

  6. Aunt Penny

    Well done, Robert . . . Congratulations, and welcome home!

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Aunt Penny

  7. Aunt Penny

    Me, again, Rob. It takes my mind a while to process things! Jim Malone said he wants to share your Tempurpedic . . . did you really get one? We have had ours for ten years now, and we love it as much today as we did when we first got it! The only thing, (and you won’t need to know this immediately when you get home but rather for winter) you cannot use an electric blanket with the Tempurpedic mattress. It may be cool when you get in, but your body heat soaks in and reflects back at you to keep you cozy. That’s the only negative we have found about it. And, you never have to turn it over! Which is a really good thing, because it’s very, very heavy. Enjoy . . .

    Also, since this may be my last opportunity to do so, I’d like to thank you for letting me (all of us, really) follow you around the Middle East for the last year, and hear about your daily goings on. It made it easier on the folks back home, knowing that you were OK, and I’m sure it made it go a little quicker for you! Yours is the first blog I’ve ever participated in, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So long, loyal fellow bloggers. God be with you all.

    Rob, I am sure your condo will be in ship-shape (sorry for the Navy term) for you, upon your arrival. I hope you will enjoy it. Now get out there and buy yourself a car!

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Aunt Penny

  8. Roger

    Congrats Rob. Maybe now we can talk over the phone about some trades and see what we can work out. And, you can come with the Malones when they visit me. Perotti & Koho can stay home. Just kidding, they can come also.

  9. Jim P

    Congrats Robert.

    I believe we need to take a league vote in order to oust teams. We need to make sure we have good replacements as well before we do this. It’s unprecedented in our keeper league. Also, we need to figure out the process of the expansion draft. Would we “cover” 5 keepers again? Licata’s team is pretty terrible so I doubt someone would want to take over his team. The other team has some players though. Can the remaining 8 teams declare all 6 keepers and then the expansion teams can use the rest of the player pool including the 2 defunct teams? Do they get the first picks in the draft?

    The finish of the Ghana vs. Uruguay was insane. Hand ball on the goal line in the 120th minute. Then the guy misses the PK. Then Uruguay wins in PKs.

  10. Richard Smith


  11. Anne


    Welcome home! Thank you for your service and for sharing your experiences with your loyal readers. Congratulations on being awarded the Bronze Star! It’s richly deserved.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Enjoy your time settling in to your new home.

  12. father

    Pic from Rob’s return…. tune in tomorrow… more to follow.

  13. father

    ok, i’ve checked and rechecked the file name for the pic and it is correct. Is a 1.7 meg pic too big?

  14. father

    As a witness to the event, it was very emotional as the 20 or more state and local police cars escorted the buses into the long drive way. Sirens randomly blasted from each car. the connecticut police escorted the buses through ct and were picked up by the mass police accross the state line.

    They then unloaded quickly at the HQ’s and, escorted by the police And a helicopter, marched in formation to the soccer field adjacent. The whole thing was very impressive and a VERY happy occasion for all.

  15. Rob

    Carigs, the iPad is incredible – full review coming up

  16. Jim

    Happy Independence Day everyone!

    Thanks for the gift trade Roger.

  17. Roger

    Whatever Malone. U know the trade is fair.

  18. Jim

    this is turning into Roger’s blog

    p.s. boo on having to enter a “captcha code”

  19. Rob

    Gotta cut down on the spam, it was getting to be too much

    New post soon, maybe tomorrow

  20. father

    Robert is now enjoying his Cadilac.
    happy car Robert.

  21. father

    wow that’s cool robert. one of those fancy human only code thingies. Good job.

  22. carigs

    Well Rob, it seems like the Sox want to recreate their season opening 4-9 stretch your own viewing pleasure. Except this time they do have a valid injury excuse. This is some comically bad baseball tonight.

  23. Richard Smith

    “New post soon, maybe tomorrow” – Robert Smith

    I’m gunna stop telling you when Cosmo falls in pools and sits on kitchen tables if you are going to be dishonest about your next post.

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