Catch-Up Post for Malone and Carigs

Posted July 13th, 2010 by Rob

Yesterday I went to the beach, and now my fair skin is absolutely ravaged by sunburn, stemming from uneven, non-comprehensive sunscreen application. I’ve got another beach trip coming up on Friday so I will have to be cautious. I’ll likely be already peeling by then. I’ll need to do a better job applying sunscreen, or I might even wear clothing while on the beach to protect my skin.

Of course, this morning George Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees, died. For better or worse he had an immense impact on the Yankees and on baseball a whole. My favorite two numbers from the Steinbrenner ownership era: he (and business partners) bought the Yankees in 1973 for under $10 million (not even a lot of money for back then) and he made 22 managerial changes. Also in baseball, David Ortiz won the home run derby last night. Superstars seem to avoid the derby these days, but winning it is still a pretty cool accomplishment for Ortiz so late in his career. His contract situation will become a major story as the season wears on – the Red Sox have a $12.5 million option for next season with no buyout but plenty of other things could happen with the contract – a cheaper multi-year extension with incentives that make it more valuable, declining the option, free agency, etc. I think they will agree to a 2 or 3-year extension but we’ll see.

The NCAA “first four” thing does sound like a pretty good idea. It lengthens the meat of the tournament, allowing for better coverage and exposure of each game, since the early rounds of the tournament have too many games for everyone to get to see everything. It also should be good for ratings, with major conference teams from across the country playing. I agree with Carigs that the TruTV deal is unfortunate though.

My iPhone 4 shipped to Hebron, and it arrived yesterday so I’ll probably pick it up and start playing with it today. My iPhone 3G is starting to show its age, it has a decent amount of scuffs and some cracks, so the time is right for an upgrade. I am kind of skeptical about being able to set up the phone myself from my computer, but hopefully it works and I won’t have to bring it to the AT&T store. I am really enjoying life with my iPad – except for the couple days when my wireless internet failed and the iPad turned into a $500 paperweight. I just keep my iPad on my couch and use it for casual web browsing, fantasy baseball, banking, bills, Facebook, etc. It has all the functionality of a regular laptop unless you want to play flash games or type a very long document (there is an external keyboard available). I keep my bulky laptops upstairs and seldom use them now – I wouldn’t need them at all if I didn’t have to use them for iTunes. The big screen makes web browsing and video watching very pleasurable compared to an iPhone. I think it crushes the Kindle as an e-reader, and the iBook store is even easier to navigate than iTunes and lets you read a lengthy excerpt of all books for free. I would recommend the iPad to anyone right now, and while I think the next version of the iPad will have a camera, I don’t think the price will be reduced.

On Red Dead Redemption: I just cleared the fort and “unlocked” Mexico, but I haven’t yet gone down there and explored though. It really does play a lot like the Grand Theft Auto series, games which I liked but wasn’t crazy about. You can carry about almost unlimited weapons and ammo. Unlike Fallout 3, there aren’t many items, buildings, or caves around the countryside, you can’t converse with very many people, and there are no stats/attributes that you build up over time. You will spend LOTS of time riding around on your horse. But the game is fun to play, and the auto-aim system makes combat easy for someone like me who isn’t a fast-twitch first-person-shooter enthusiast. Even though the game world isn’t as interactive as I’d prefer, the environment is beautiful and the characters you do interact with are memorable. My complaints about the game are primarily based on my own preferences – objectively I do think this is a “very good” or “excellent” game. Overall I would put this game ahead of the Grand Theft Auto series and Assassin’s Creed 1 (haven’t played 2) but behind Oblivion and Fallout 3. I also have FIFA 10 on the way, I’m looking forward to playing a soccer videogame for the first time. But I want to play real soccer, in real life, even more.

I think the Malone/Carigs fantasy baseball trade is kind of sad and not very meaningful. Malone is left with Figgins as his third baseman, and while he can only improve, you need to have a more productive third baseman than that. Malone does take care of his too-many-catchers problem, but let’s hope that he doesn’t over-value Posey as much as he overvalued Wieters for the past couple years. Using high draft picks and keeper slots on Wieters has hurt Malone. I think Glaus will turn out to be pretty useless but he could surprise me. Carigs adds some flexibility for the dregs of his roster but if he moves higher in the standings it won’t be due to this trade.

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  1. Jim

    Steinbrenner is a sad loss for the Yankees. This could be the end of the empire. Will we see the Curse of the Boss?

    There’s no way I would expect anything from Ortiz after this season. Signing him for multiple years would be a huge mistake. I’d be willing to bet on it.

    How could Apple not put iTunes on the iPad? It’s not like it doesn’t have the memory for it. That seems like one of the first things they should have setup. You should be able to update your iPods or iPhones right from the iPad. I refuse to buy one until it at least has that functionality.

    Red Dead Redemption does sound pretty good but I don’t have the time to start another game like that. I’ve been playing a lot of Fifa World Cup, especially online, and I’m getting pretty good. It’s fun to play people you don’t know. There are a lot of different playing styles, and it’s fun to see how people react when you score on them or things aren’t going their way. Too bad I can’t play against you online Rob.

    I think Carigs and I are both in agreement that our trade was just exchanging garbage players. I wanted to get rid of Wieters without dropping him. Clearly he was a mistake from the get-go for me, but I’m confident he will turn into the superstar he was supposed to be now that I don’t own him. I could very well end up dropping Figgins and Glaus any day now. Besides I’m in a distant 8th place with no signs of improvement since losing Morales and Utley depleted all of my power. Not even the great Carlos Beltran can help me now. And I don’t have Posey, I have Carlos Santana. He has been excellent since I picked him up, but I have no plans to even consider him as a keeper. I already know pretty much all of my keepers and I’m very happy with them. That coupled with my likely top 3 draft spot next season should be a good start.

  2. carigs

    It’s sad to see Steinbrenner go, but he hasn’t been the same maniacal billionaire for several years anyway, and thats the guy we really miss. It was so easy to root against his Yankees, also he tended to meddle in the team a lot more and keep the Yankees massive financial edge from becoming too apparent on the field. Since he stepped back in ’06 they’ve spent their money much better, which scares me as a Red Sox fan.

    Even though I declared Ortiz toast back in April, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the Sox picked up his option, or negotiated a two year deal for 8-10 million a year possibly with some incentives. And given all that he’s done for them, I’d probably be pretty happy with that, at least until he hits .180 to start off another season and I think he’s toast again.

    I still haven’t picked up RDR, which is good because I don’t want to get sucked in to a game and not see the sun at all, at least not during the summer.

    My view on the garbage trade was that I dumped some predictable production that I didn’t have room for, in exchange for some lottery tickets. I doubt either of us will get much from the trade, but I’m lacking keeper position players, so if Beckham or Wieters start hitting like they were projected too then the gamble paid off.

    My current gripe with the iPad is the poor organization of the app store. The search options are limited, and you have to click through pages of 10 apps, and it doesn’t save your position, so if you examine an app then go back, you have to click-through the several app pages again. You’d think with all of Apple’s focus on simplicity and usability that this process would be better at this point.

  3. Roger

    Rob, what are your thoughts about the issue with the ipod 4? There’s a rumor that there will be a recall of the phone.

  4. carigs

    Yea Rob,

    I’m also curious if you have that antenna bridging issue with your phone.

  5. Rob

    Yeah, the phone loses 2-3 bars of service pretty quickly if you cover the little black strip with your hand. Holding the phone with your complete palm as a left handed person would, this would be a big problem. But it works fine for me since I’m right handed, and even when holding it left handed I don’t naturally cover the little black strip with my palm. I can’t see Apple doing a recall of the iPhone, but I could see them moving to give free bumpers to people, even though they’ve been against this idea ao far.

  6. Jim

    I’d like to congratulate David Wright and the NL All-Stars for finally breaking the losing streak against the AL. Wright made the Mets proud going 2-2 with an SB, while Big Papi and Hughes embarrased the Sox and Yankees. Girardi was also getting ripped for some of his managerial decisions, most notably leaving A-Rod on the bench and having no other bench players in the ninth.

    I think Perrotti and Koho are never going to look at this blog again now that you’re home Rob. How does that make you feel?

  7. carigs

    Its about time the NL finally won one of these. The interleague records got a little closer this year too, with the AL only going 134 – 118. So it appears that AAAA is catching up with the American league, also most of the best rookies appear to be breaking in with NL teams, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the leagues continue to get closer in talent over the next few years.

    I wouldn’t characterize Papi getting thrown out as embarrassing, its not his fault the he’s the only one that could do anything but hit a Texas Leaguer off of Broxton, and he’s clearly not in the league for his speed. I don’t think he read the play wrong, he was just too slow to be able to do anything about it. Papi’s actually not too slow for a guy of his size, but he takes awhile to built up speed.

    Also, it seems even though the game “counts”, the managers try to win less now than they did even a few years ago. It seems like the combination of the enormous rosters and the managers focusing on doing nothing but getting everyone in leads to some odd strategic decisions.

  8. Rob

    I can’t believe Girardi forced himself to have Ortiz run the bases in a key late game scenario, it clearly lost the game for them.

  9. Jim

    Yeah I was just trying to rile you Red Sox fans up. There wasn’t much Ortiz could do other than read the ball better.

    I agree that managers do not handle these games well, especially now that they count. Sure all the players want to get into the game if possible, but it’s just not reasonable, especially with the larger rosters. Why take David Wright out in the 5th when he was the only one hitting? Why take out the best hitter of our generation, Pujols, and put Adrian Gonzalez in? Why leave the 2nd best player of our generation, A-Rod, on the bench? Why replace Josh Johnson who dominated for 2 innings with Kuo in a tied game? Why not pinch run for Ortiz when you have players eligible for re-entry? Why let John Buck see any playing time?

    Regardless, the NL won and that’s all that matters.

  10. Jim P

    Steinbrenner is a loss, but I saw this coming. The last few times he hasn’t looked good. He did some crazy things, but did a lot of good things as well. He really helped make baseball a global game. As far as going forward, Hank and Hal have taken over and have done a pretty good job. They have brought more stability and I think they let Cashman control more now. Girardi made a pretty smooth transition from Torre.

    I didn’t watch the All-Star game so I have no insight into that. That bores me.

  11. carigs

    Randomly, here’s a picture of Johnny Damon and his mom that I found whilst browsing the internet.

  12. Jim

    That is one handsome woman.

  13. Roger

    Keep her away from Delonte West.

  14. carigs

    Wow Roger, I had to look that up. This makes Lebron’s decision make even more sense.

  15. Rob

    Yes Roger, excellent reference joke

  16. Jim

    I’m sorry, but Gloria James is several notches up from Damon’s mom.

  17. Roger

    I didn’t look at Damon’s mom’s picture yet. But that can’t be good because I’ve seen a picture of LeBron’s mom.

  18. Jim

    Just click on the link in Carigs’ name in comment #11. It’s the picture he was talking about.

  19. Roger


  20. father

    is Damon married?

  21. carigs

    Yes, Damon is married, here’s an image of his wife from the SI Swimsuit issue.

  22. father

    NO WAY

  23. Koho

    Recap of party?

  24. Jim

    Off Da Chain

  25. michelle kiwi

    Better recap of party!!! (4 more days in U.S. for me, but I’m already locked up on a tiny compound in the middle of the woods with only my phone for interwebs, so it seems like longer. is my only link to the outside world and I demand top-notch posting.)

  26. father

    Glad to hear from you Michelle. Keep us posted and you take care.

  27. Mom Welcome Home Party was lots of FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD and FUN !!

    Michelle – safe travels to you – stay safe.

  28. carigs

    I think the best parts of the party were the pony rides and face painting, although the balloon folding clown was also quite entertaining.

  29. Roger

    Rob, are you back at work at ticket network?

  30. Rob

    Yes Roger I returned to work on Monday. TicketNetwork has been very good about everything

  31. father

    How are things going Michelle?

  32. Koho

    Will a new post be coming soon?

  33. Jim

    Roger, I hear you’re willing to give away Ubaldo Jimenez nowadays. I remember you rejecting a trade offer I made for him saying that he was as untouchable as Hanley Ramirez. Maybe you should have listened to me back on June 9th when I gave you some excellent advice:

    “Ubaldo = Last Year’s Greinke… strikingly similar. Sell high.”

  34. carigs

    click my name

    this post would be better if we could post images

  35. Roger

    Yeah, well Malone I guess you were right. Sue me.

  36. Rob

    New post on Sunday with a recap of the Mets game I’m attending Saturday

  37. Roger

    Also on the next post can you write about your favorite apps for your phone? As a new “smartphone” customer so far I really enjoy Shazam, Pandora, scanner radio and my gmail app. I don’t know if the Iphone has similar apps(I’m guess they do) so I was wondering what other apps people enjoy.

  38. Jim

    Roger, thank you for admitting that I was right. At least you’re not in denial. I hope this Oswalt to Phillies deal doesn’t go through. I don’t want them making the playoffs.

    I don’t have any of those apps that you listed Roger, but I’m pretty sure they’re all available on the iPhone. Michelle has the Shazam one. I just use the built in email app instead of a gmail specific app so that I can manage all of my accounts easily. The apps that I use the most often are the ESPN ScoreCenter, Facebook, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, Words with Friends, and the Comcast app to manage my DVR. There is also a cool barcode scanning app called RedLaser that I use sometimes to get competitive pricing. I have a bunch of games too, but I’m sure those are available everywhere.

    6 of us are going to the Mets/D’Backs games Saturday. You should drive over Roger. It’s going to be a good one with an explosive matchup of Takahashi and Enright.

  39. Michelle kiwi

    My new boss (colonel) says baseball is his most favorite thing in the world and he likes to talk about it all the time. I’m in trouble…..

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