Mets vs. D-Backs at CitiField

Posted August 1st, 2010 by Rob

Yesterday we went to the New York Mets game. I went to Jim and Michelle’s house around 3pm, then Perrotti, Kohanski, and Laura arrived soon after and we left. The ride there was good until we reached the outskirts of the city, when the traffic got bad. Still, we arrived at the stadium at least an hour and a half before the game. We headed straight to center field where some of the best food stands are located. From my one previous trip to CitiField, I knew I had to get the fresh tacos again. Jim and Michelle also got the tacos. A 3-taco box is $10.50, but the tacos are pretty small at maybe 3 large bites each. The tacos come in freshly grilled steak, chicken, and slow-roasted pork and each features fresh vegetables and herbs, accompanied by mild and spicy salsas. The texture of the steak was great. The chicken was savory and spicy, and Jim and I agreed the chicken was the best of the three though the pork was also notable, with a sweet flavor. The small size of the tacos, combined with our extreme hunger, led us to buy still more food. Malone had had good experiences with the garlic fries ($9.75) so we split a box of those. These were disappointing. There was no fresh garlic, only dried herbs and garlic (and not enough of this) along with parmesan cheese. The amount of fries was ample, and the quality of the fries was good, but there was no garlic flavor and could have just as easily bought a $7.75 box of regular fries. Left unsatisfied, we headed to our seats.

We were seated high above the field, located between home and third. The seats weren’t bad, certainly better than the center field seats I had sit in before. The only problem was gauging the elevation of batted balls, because of the angle. After a little while, I went looking for more food, still hungry. I came up with a big dish of nachos ($7.75), with cheese sauce and two types of salsa. This dish finally took care of my hunger.

Some other highlights: Malone, Kohanski, and I did set up some propositional bets before the game, but the contest never really got off the ground. One of our bets was whether anyone would see a fan (besides Kohanski) wearing Lastings Milledge jersey. Milledge was a once highly-touted Mets prospect who never really succeeded in the major leagues, and is now a journeyman. He hasn’t been on the Mets for several years. Low and behold, literally as we were going through the turnstyles to get into the stadium, there it was: a short, ugly man wearing a faded black Milledge t-shirt. The drama gone for the night, though we didn’t spot any more. Hours later as we were walking back to the parking lot, a drunk guy shouted to Kohanski “Yo, what’s up with the Milledge shirt guy?”.

I also liked how the organ player before the game was playing popular songs from bands like Kings of Leon and Coldplay. Also, Kohanski brought some snacks, sandwiches, and drinks in a cooler to the game and was able to carry some into the stadium. But while he was able to bring several water bottles and some individually packaged servings of gourmet cheese into the stadium, he left Jim Perrotti’s sandwich in the cooler in the car, much to Perrotti’s displeasure.

Now as for the game itself. Since it was a National League baseball game, we were privileged enough to watch a few zero-out sacrifice bunts, advancing a baserunner from first to second base. Pretty much every position player in the American league can hit – there are very few Luis Castillos or Auguie Ojedas, and no pitchers hitting, so to me as an AL fan I feel a little cheated when I go to a game and see people getting bunted from first to second. But, I also see how people can respect this as part of the “real game”.

The game was pretty boring throughout, until late. During the early and middle innings, the Diamondacks had more baserunners, and seemed to leave quite a few men on base without capitalizing. The Mets struggled a little, and their bottom 5 or 6 hitters were completely useless for the first part of the game. My fantasy players did an amazing job: Hisanori Takahashi, my one-game pickup, pitched a Mets-season-high 10 strikeouts, only allowing 1 run in 6 innings, but couldn’t get the win. He did allow plenty of baserunners but was able to limit the damage. Reyes, Pagan, and Wright, the Mets top 3 hitters, were a combined 6-12 with 4 RBI and 3 Runs. By the bottom of the 9th, the game was tied 4-4 and looked to be heading to extra innings. The only other Met to record a hit was Feliciano’s leadoff triple in the bottom of the 9th inning. The D-Backs then got Reyes to fly out to shallow right, walked both Pagan and Wright intentionally, and set up Beltran’s “heroic” sacrifice fly for the Mets to win the game. A pretty exciting moment at CitiField.

Though I didn’t get home to Manchester until around 1:30, the game was still a good time. I wouldn’t want to do it on a weeknight but it was perfect for a weekend. The weather was ideal and even got pleasantly cool as the night wore on.

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  1. Michelle Kiwi

    I am glad you are eating… I am looking forward to your gourmet cooking skills upon my return. Or to your fine ability to order pizza. Whichever seems more realistic. :)

    And “hi” to Father!!! Bagram is very…. nice. I’m told it is one of the nicer parts of Afghanistan, for what that is worth.

  2. Jim

    That was a pretty solid recap Robert. Overall, I think it was a great night. The traffic before and after the game kind of sucked, but besides that it was fun. I’m surprised my crazy driving didn’t get broughten up in your recap, haha. Below are some bullet-points:

    – The prop betting was definitely disappointing. If Rob had remembered to bring Baseball Bingo, I think it would have been much more fun.

    – I agree with Rob’s food assessment. The tacos were pretty good, but I still prefer the cheeseburgers there. I don’t know if they’re the same everywhere in the park, but they are definitely delicious at the Shake Shack behind center field. The garlic parmesan fries really disappointed Saturday though, as normally they are loaded with large chunks of garlic but came pretty much garlic-less this time. I hope that’s not a trend.

    – Perrotti not getting his sandwich was pretty funny. Typical Perrotti.

    – I learned that Laura really enjoys Twizzlers Cherry Bits.

    – The Lastings Milledge comment after the game will forever be remembered.

    – It was a good win for the Mets and it’s always nice to be at a game that has a walk-off win (as long as you stay to the end).

    I look forward to next year’s group trip to Citi Field, as this needs to be a yearly tradition. Maybe next year there will be 2 Michelle’s there?

  3. Laura

    1) It was not Perrotti’s sandwich, there were an extra 2 sandwiches in the cooler that I had made for anyone who chose to enjoy one. Perrotti did not speak up when we were deciding what to bring into the stadium, therefore none made it out of the car. I must say I did enjoy the controversy that my act of sandwich-making apparently caused.

    2) I do love Twizzlers. All kinds.

    3) This was my first trip to Citi field, and I enjoyed it.

  4. Jim P

    You forgot to mention the drunk bachelor party or whatever it was that arrived for about one inning of the game. The guys were pretty sloppy, but I enjoyed Malone getting hit in the head with the guys cup. One guy also spilled on the lady in front of him. Another guy had a conversation where every other word the “F” word.

    Also, one other thing to mention, AL baseball is much better.

    There was also some solid bonding time in the car with Koho, Laura and myself. I now feel closer to them.

    Will there be fantasy football this year? The kid at work said he’d do it.

  5. carigs

    Rob, you should switch over your blog to food reviews full time, as they are clearly your passion, you could also review candle scents.

  6. Jim P

    I would start with East Side.

  7. Father

    HI MICHELLE! Good to hear from you! Ryan, Robert and I had chinese at my place tonight. I’m glad you’re in the nice part of the country. Does that mean swimming pools and five start restaurants? Check in as much as you can, ok? and BE CAREFUL!

  8. Roger

    What, nothing about apps?

  9. Jim

    Clearly Rob doesn’t care about his loyal blog readers anymore.

  10. Koho

    Will there be a review of Eastside?

  11. Jim

    I believe there will be. I requested one yesterday as well. Rob said he just needs some time to recover fully before re-living the night.

  12. Father

    Zyphbro 2’s first (and perhaps only) ML baseball game was Colorado at NYM.

  13. Michelle kiwi

    Sadly, that means tents, overcrowding, and sketchy internet connections at work. But they do have ice cream- so I can’t complain. :)

  14. Jim

    I’m not sure what’s worse, this or when Perrotti knocked the t-shirt out of my hands at the Wolfpack game…

  15. Jim P

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.

  16. Father

    What is your favorite flavour of ice cream Michelle?
    Mine is Lime Sherbert, but real ice cream would be
    Black Raspberry.

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