Review: East Side Restaurant, New Britain CT

Posted August 12th, 2010 by Rob

Last weekend I went to East Side restaurant in New Britain with some of my friends. For those who don’t know, East Side is a German restaurant who advertises extensively on billboards in the area. They’re well known for their beer, along with their atmosphere, and their German cuisine.

In the days leading up to our trip, Jim Malone and I were looking forward to getting “das boot”, a giant glass boot filled with 2 liters of beer. Perhaps ominously, on the restaurant’s website, there was no price given for “das boot”. I asked our waitress how much it cost, and she said $100 – $30 for the beer and $70 for the boot (which you had to keep)! A smaller 1 liter boot wasn’t much more affordable since you had to buy that boot at an inflated price too. So, we settled for regular 1-liter glasses that we didn’t have to keep, but still cost $15 each. The first beer I got was really good – dark, rich, chocolaty – and filling. My big mistake was ordering a second beer. I’m not sure why I did, since I was nearly drunk by the time I finished my first, but I did anyway. The next beer was also dark, but sweeter, fizzier, and not as good. It was a real chore to finish the second beer, since by that time food had also arrived. Malone was the only other person who drank 2 beers.

I’m not sure how authentic the food was since I’ve never been to Germany, but I came away pretty unimpressed with the food. First of all, there weren’t many price points. Specifically, all entree choices were either $28 or $29. I got two decent-sized pieces of pork tenderloin, which were highlighted on the menu as a “specialty”, but they were really plain and absolutely something that anyone could make at home. Simply two pieces of sliced pork loin, unseasoned, with gravy on them. They came with scalloped potatoes, which I remember as being very un-noteworthy. Each meal did come with a small salad, a cup of soup, and a slice of pie for dessert which were all good but I still would have preferred lower food prices. Maybe other people liked the food more, since I’m sure it’s possible the beer was clouding my judgment.

Besides the food and drink, East Side is a pretty fun place to be. Most of the waitresses were fairly attractive. There was also an accordion player (who I believe to be the best accordion player in Connecticut) going around from table to table, playing all kinds of classic and contemporary songs from lots of different genres. He played “Sweet Caroline” when he saw that I was wearing a Red Sox shirt. The wait staff chants “ticki-tocki ticki-tocki” or “das boot” whenever they deliver beers to anyone. Everyone at our table was issued various hats by our waitress, and she gave me by far the coolest hat – the viking. We were in the “main dining room”, indoors, which was fairly loud but very jolly. There is also an outdoor roof bier garden which might be fun to go to. It was Jim Perrotti’s birthday the next day, so we were able to score him some ice cream and a serenade from the wait staff.

Overall, I was not pleased with East Side. I give it 2 stars out of 5. The high prices, both on beer and food, were detractors in my opinion. The quality of the food was also another big negative for me. At the same time, it is a fun place – probably due in part to all the beer. So maybe if I ever go back, I’ll just get a beer or an appetizer.


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  1. Jim

    Good review. I thought it was a little better than you did. I’d probably rate it a 3.5 out of 5. The prices were definitely too high for the quality and amount of food, but the atmosphere did somewhat make up for it. Going with a group is a definite, as it would not be a place I would just go on a date with someone. I did enjoy the 2 different types of beers I had, but they did make me quite drunk. I did not realize how drunk I was until the next morning when I did not want to wake up. By the time I got my meal I was pretty drunk so I don’t remember how good it actually tasted. I remember getting a banana creme dessert that I scarfed down, but it could have been horrible for all I know. If we go back, I’d say we should try the bier garden and I’d probably only have 1 liter of beer. But if I for some reason feel like splurging on Das Boot, I’d definitely go for the 2 liter one and just have another crazy night.

    You’re review stopped after the restaurant Rob, and I was hoping you would cover the fun at 12 CSR. Maybe you were just too drunk to remember most of it. Perrotti or Koho who were less drunk would probably be the best to summarize the rest of the night.

  2. Rob

    Correction, I have been to Germany, but only the airport layover on the way to and from Iraq and I didn’t eat anything there

  3. Father

    What size are those beers you guys are holding? the two liter I presume. The hat DOES fit though, Robert. You are 12.5% German.

  4. Aunt Penny

    Let’s face it Rob . . . you’re spoiled when it comes to good food, so the bar is set pretty high. And, speaking of high bars, you’re holding your beer glass incorrectly . . . the correct way is the way your compatriot is holding his – – with your entire hand through the handle, holding the mug. I know this how? Because, when I was at the real Hofbrauhaus in Munich, a little old German man told me how to hold my mug . . . well, he didn’t really tell me, since he spoke no English and I spoke no German, but he “showed me” how to hold it. We had fun there. Sorry you didn’t like the East Side as well as you should have . . . it’s been a long time since I’ve been there . . . do you know your mother grew up only two (or was it one) block(s) away?

    Hope life is treating you well.

    Love, Auntie Penny

    P.S. What’s with the “Captcha” Code?

  5. Aunt Penny

    And, oh, by the way, the Viking horns suit you perfectly!

    Love, AP

  6. Father

    one must not forget that the horned helmet people originated from the Rhine River area (Germany). Hitler heard this and used it to promote the “aryian” thing.

  7. Non

    Hi Robert, I quite agree with you about the East Side, went there for lunch & the food was not like it used to be. We lived 2 streets over from there on Chestnut St, until we moved to Newington. It was just a small bar & eating area & it was really good food! Your review was spot on. Bye for now.

    Love U Lots, Non

  8. canz

    thanks for the invite.

  9. Greg

    Yeah thanks..

  10. Father

    Hello over there Michelle. How are things. Check in once in awhile, ok? You must have some great little stories so far to tell.

    take care young lady

  11. Jim P

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  12. Mom loyal blog readers request a new blog post –
    we miss reading about rob’s adventure

    also – Michelle Kiwi – if you are checking in here – hope you are doing well and the time is going by quickly for you – take care ….

  13. Koho

    Can we have a new post by Christmas?

  14. father

    We need an update on Michelle, also.

  15. canz

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  17. Jim

    Rob, what are you going to be for Halloween? What should I be?

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    How did you get that picture up there? We have been wondering for over a year how to do that.

    Robert Henry

    We want a new post!!!


    Hello from Hebron – We hope all is well with you.

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  21. canz

    @Mon – i think this uses gravatars ( avatars linked to an email address.

    @father – what is ‘redirect’ ?

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    oops, that’s @Mom

  23. Jim

    Rob has made it clear that unless he goes back to Iraq, he will not be continuing with this blog. He is WAY to busy working on his video games to spend time blogging with his family and friends. Completely understandable.

    So that can only mean one thing… Roger, time to fire back up your blog!

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